March 19

OLAH! I am over here! Closer, closer, closer, back up to close. At Lineville there are amazing house incentives, safe lockers, plus detention lunch and iPads.

House Incentives

There are cool incentives that you can earn by getting acknowledgement tickets. If you have two or less minors you can go to one of the incentives that's for your house. You get to have some cool people come over to your school to show you what they do for a living or you could play games like dodgeball and capture the flag. Be kind to people and you might just get rewarded like a blue ticket.


Lockers are easy to open once you get the hang of left right left. You can take a class in the summer a week before school starts to learn how to use your lockers and all the different things in school. You should bring a couple of decorations and shelves for your locker to store stuff. Then you can help tech people like you to not be afraid about school. The locker myths are fake people do not shove you into lockers they do the opposite.They are probably going to help you.

That is all about lockers.

Noon Detention

One thing you should know if you don't have your homework done you get noon detention.

I can tell you noon is at the forth or fifth hour of your day.It is in the hall where you come from the bus, or up stairs look for the pink sign with lunch detention on it that's some advice. If you missed noon you have another the next day to make up for the one that you missed. Hopefully you don't get noon.

Lunch and snacks!

The lunch lines are split in 4 separate lines.Ala cart is the line where you get your goods.

For example there are some cookies snapple and donuts. District serves only one choice like salad bar. You can also sit anywhere.


You get IPads but you can't get games. They will take the iPad away if you do inappropriate things on it.There are updates but you can only download them at home. You can not go on restricted sites ore the iPad will be taken away. That is about the iPads.


These are awesome things about Lineville so don't be scared.