The Most Dangerous Sports

By: Tierra Williams

Who Am I?

I'm a sophomore at Fl.Schlagle high school, my interest are mostly in engineering or the performing arts like drawing, instruments or acting. Mostly on the side I would like to play some sports. But, I can't really multi- task on those things so I do one at a time. My hobbies are sleeping, listening to music, eating snacks and like sewing things like a pillow I can sleep on it. My likes are the Internet ( of course ) cross-puzzels they can get very addictaive in my case. As for me like pets were they make me feel comfortable at home, if I'm at home alone I would not feel that safe. But, I prefer dogs or cats mostly dogs but I prefer dogs mostly than cats. The dislikes I have is mostly like every person in this world.... doing work.

Essential Question Why do we keep doing sports? Entertainment or Safety?

Mostly these day we enjoy watching sports form basketball to football. We always love how our favorite teams score a touchdown or shoot a basket in the goal. Don't we all worry until you see a player fall or pushed over with a hard blow. Can we count on the people that keep us entertain to have an emergency team when there an accident on the field or court? We should alway know what's kind of risks we do before going into it an accident that will permeant affect on our lives.

Knowledge Of The Topic ?

The knowledge of what I know of this topic is that every sport. It's that people love the sport that mostly dedicate there school years just to be on a team. They players on the team are payed a lot of money just to play a single game. I guess if there's a way for you to have the injured painful sprains and broken bones they have the money and rehab to make them feel better. The question is will money always solve every injury or they one's not so serious?

The Kind Of Sports Most People Want To Do For Life.

Baseball, soccer, basketball and football these are most sports people want to do for a living. These three have so much to cover. Football most favorite to watch call over most people will watch on a sports channel. Soccer is to aim by not touching with you hands but feet to score a goal. Last though not least basketball a game where you try to throw the ball in the other opponents net. Almost every male and female sports players want to do this for the rest of there lives.