I Want That Job

By: Karlie King

Short Job Description

The job that I am really interested in is a film and video editor. A film and video editor can work for many different people, including themselves. They can work for huge movie directors. They can work for big companies and small companies. Sometimes some film editors even try to help out and they could create a short film or documentary about endangered species or some of societies other problems.

How Does This Job Benefit Society?

One way this job benefits society is that the people that have this job could help put awareness into his or her community about endangered species or about some of societies problems.

Education & Skills Needed

If you work for certain people, you may need a bachelor's degree. However, if you work for yourself, you will not need one, but it may come in handy later on. Some skills that you need are creativity, originality, imagination, and artistic ability.
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Projected Job Growth & Annual Salary

The projected job growth is little or no charge (-2% to 2%). The annual salary is $57,210.00 a year. Lastly, some places that hire film and video editors are CBS, CNN, and The Walt Disney Company.

One Cool Fact

You can meet a lot of cool and amazing people while working.