By Evan Allen

Country Basics

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. The Blue color of the flag- means Turkic origin of Azerbaijani people, blue color is connected with idea of Turkism. The Red color- means to build modern society, to develop democracy, in brief modernization and development. The Green color - it expresses the affiliation to the Islamic civilization, Islam religion.
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Azerbaijan have been long associated with Asia and the middle East. Azerbaijan Major land forms is Russian and Georgia to the north and Armenia and Turkey to the west, and Iran to the south.Azerbaijan is a place of Maiden tower, oil rocks,and Ballard castle.The major bodies of water is Mingechaur Reservoir.the environment of Azerbaijan includes a wide diversity of climent, animals, plants and habitats of economies and human activity, which led to an all round negative impact on the environment


Azerbaijan has a government which can be described as Republic.The president of Azerbaijanis Ilham Aliyev. The constitution states laws of the Azerbaijan republic, respect rights an liberties of other perons, every one must pay taxes and oher state duties in time and in full volume.
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People earn a little over a thousand dollars per year. 51% of people are poor in this country. there main export is oil. There birth Rate, 16.95 births out of a 1,00 years. The life expectancy out of the total population 71.95 years (70-72 years old). There literacy rate (if age 15 and over can read and write) is unknown. There drinking water source has improved over the years.


People wear mainly wool, linen, silk clothes and qanovuz. Early Oghuz was mainly an oral language. Martyrs day, women's day, New years day, and new years holiday are all holidays of Azerbaijan. Religions as heathenism, Judaism, christionanity, Islam and beliefs in constituency of the universe four main elements. The main food in Azerbaijan is rice, lentil, meat, potato and groats.


The rain fall is (millimeter),sunshine, min and max temperate (Celsius) and the average rainfall is normal. The average temperate is between 77 and 80.Other mountain chains surrounding the country also impacts air circulation the Azerbaijani plans and foot his have high insolation rates.


An invasion in the 7th century by Arabians resulted in the main religion becoming Islam. In the 11th and 12th centuries, outstanding scientists Makki ibn anmed and Bamanyar, poets and philosopher Khatib Tebizi, Khagani, Poetess Menseti Ganjcy, others lived and also created.

Compare and Contrast

USA speaks English and the food we eat is chicken. A special Azerbaijani dish is pilaf-rice dish flavored with meat and eggs or nuks, as well as khan pilaf, baked in dough and speaks Turkish.

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