Commemoration Day


Mushers and Dogs

  • teams of 12 to 16 dogs compete
  • mushers are the people that steer the sled
  • mushers care for their dogs
  • the mushers have to 18 years of age and older to compete
  • the mushers compete for 69 thousand dollars and a new truck
  • mushers and their dogs eat high calorie food
  • mushers must have a sleeping bag and an axe
  • the dogs need boots to protect their paws

Alaskan race

  • race starts on the first Saturday in March
  • race starts in Anchorage and finishes in Nome Alaska
  • race is about 1150 miles long
  • race takes 10 to 17 days
  • race is called '"The Last Great Race on Earth"
  • the race route is alternated every other year


  • race started in 1973
  • Iditarod commemorates an emergency rescue mission by a dog sled
  • Iditarod race was to save dog sledding culture
  • in 1925 sled dogs delivered life saving medicine to children in Nome

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Cole Chestnut, Cole Figurelle and Layla Gnacyk