ELL Mrs. Alfaro

December News

Pumpkin Pie Tasting

Last week, ELL students were able to learn a little about the traditions associated with Thanksgiving. Ms. Dowd and Mrs. Alfaro brought in pumpkin pie and whipped cream for the students to taste. Many of them had never tried pumpkin pie before. Surprisingly, many of the students really liked it and asked for seconds.


What we will be working on during the 3 weeks before winter break:

Letters: X, J, E, H, K

Words to know: are, now, is, how, find, this

We will be reading books about...

Animals found in the pond

What's in the sky?

Science and bugs

Our focus:

We will be working hard on blending letter sounds into words so that we can read and write them. These will be consonant, vowel, consonant words like: box, cat, hot, pin, etc.

1st Grade

We will be reading books about...

Months of the year and seasons

Races and the Olympics

Classifying Animals

The moon

Big Trips

Spelling List week 14

1. came

2. make

3. brave

4. late

5. gave

6. shape

Challenge Words:



Spelling List Week 15

1. time

2. like

3. kite

4. bike

5. white

6. drive

Challenge Words:



Spelling List Week 16

1. so

2. go

3. home

4. hole

5. no

6. rope

7. joke

8. bone

9. stove

10. poke

Challenge Words:



2nd Grade

We will be reading books about...

Helen Keller--biography



Team work

We will continue to work hard on...

* organizing our ideas into writing pieces.

* using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

* understanding our academic vocabulary words so that we can read, write and understand them.

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Don't forget!!

Conversation is one of the best ways children learn language. Read to your children. Talk to them. Ask them questions. We have so much to learn from each other.