Developing Commentary

Definition and explaination

What is it?

Commentary is the process of writing where you give your opinion, interpret, analyse, give insight, evaluate, reflect and give a personal reaction in writing and explain how (through commentary) in the form of writing, it connects to the purpose of the prompt or what you have to write.

When do you use/do it?

You tend to use commentary when you are writing an essay or you are given a form of writing and need to explain further its connection. For example you can use commentary to connect literary devices to the purpose of a given story to enhance your learning and interpretation of the article.

Why do you use/do it?

Commentary is important to use because it ensures your writing is in depth and detailed and connects very well to what you are writing about. It is able to enhance your essay through explaining your viewpoint and giving your insight on the writing topic at hand.

How do you use/do it?

You write commentary when you want to further show your teacher (or yourself) the connection you had with certain aspects of literature through writing. For example, you would write commentary if you had to connect satirical features of a movie to the purpose of the movie.