By: Cooper Read

Scoliosis is a problem with your spine being contorted in a way that it shouldn't. Many people are afraid that if they get the surgery than they wont wake up, or wake up with their lower half paralyzed.Also not any people have the money to get the surgery.
My girlfriend, Tatum Hasen, has this; she is afraid of getting the surgery because her uncle never woke up. Her parents don't even know about this because she is afraid of what they would say. It also effects me as a person, we've been dating for almost 2 months now and if she dies, or gets paralyzed, or has back problems fr the rest of her life, I lose either way.
I want to reach out to people across the globe with this problem so tat if they are afraid, we can make the surgery seem less scary. I also want to raise awareness for this. If i do then maybe i can raise the money and get Tatum the surgery. Not only just for her, but for as many people as I can. People across the world need help fixing their problems, an I want to be the one to help.
I would set this up in the south lake town center so every one can find me. That would be my HQ, but i would have these set up across the tri-state area. And if people at the mall see me, maybe hey will join me.
I want to raise enough money and awareness and money for the people ad family's affected by scoliosis. People that you don't even know need your help more than you think. I think that every single family will be grateful and made the happiest people alive if they can reach out to a helping hand.