We are TV STARS!

How Does a TV STAR act in Art Class?

S - Safety First

Examples of Safety in the Art Room!

All four on the floor, Clean up your spills, Hands and feet to yourself, Use tools and materials correctly and appropriately.

T - Thoughtful and Kind

Examples of Thoughtful and Kind in the Art Room!

Use your manners, respect each other's opinions, Encourage each other, Share the supplies, Raise your hand to speak, Use kind words.

A - Always Respectful

Examples of "Always Respectful" in the Art room!

Use inside voices, Use the tools and materials with care, Respect each other and each others' artwork, Listen to the teacher when she's speaking, Listen to each other.

R - Responsible Learners

Examples of "Responsible Learners" in the Art room!

Pay attention during class, Stay on task, Be involved in class discussions, Don't be afraid to ask questions or for help, Following directions carefully.

S - Self - Control

Examples of "Self-Control" in the Art room!

Don't call out, Stay in your seat, Focus on your work and don't distract others, Think before you speak, Walk don't run.