A Mouthful of Malady

A tale of a preposterous perjury

Three mice, Minny, Manly, and Muddy were the rats of the pack you could say. Into trouble, out, into trouble, out and around, around they go. Destroying things in their path they scurried through the night. On that night they scurried to the farmer house to mess with his wife. First, they ran up the pipe and in the house. They ate the food, broke the bowl, and worst of all they stole the wife's precious rings. Off they scurried but before the wife saw and called the police. Daringly, Minny made a dash for the trees but his efforts were crushed by the considerably larger man.
Arrested and dejected they reported to court to be heard for bail.During the arraignment Minny and Muddy plead innocent knowing if they are seen as guilty they will be heavily punished for this felony. Manly however, being more knowledgeable and only slightly less dim entered a plea bargain to reduce his sentence.
The grand jury decided there was more than enough evidence and the case promptly commenced, much to the dismay of Minny and Muddy. The indictment included breaking and entering along with destruction of property and theft. All three mice were assigned a public defender to protect their rights.
The trial begins and the defenders give their opening statements. The prosecuter prepares and sends a witness, who received a subpoena, forward before the petit jury. the witness, Mr.Owl said he was disturbed by the loud sounds of banging and crashing coming from the farmers house. he saw the mice getting chased down by the police and the attempted escape by Minny. "I did NOT!", was heard all through the court. Yelled by Minny the mouse, he committed perjury with this denial. More trouble to come for Minny for sure. The judge exclaimed and the crowd gasped. Everyone knew that Minny lied. But he continued to lie, ultimately denying his involvement with the crime. He said he ran away from the house because he saw the two trouble makers and dint want any of it. Jury issued a verdict and the mice were convicted. Manly tried for an appeal but it was to no avail. He was thrown in jail with the others, for two years less of course. They will no longer mess with the farmers wife.