Grand Canyon

It just one of those sites that is breath taking

A natrual wounder of the world

The Grand Canyon is a powerful and inspiring landscape.It overwhelms our senses through its amazing size.In the size of the canyon,there are many different species of animal and plant life.It has been said that there are many benefits and that it has a rich history.

It is known that the canyon is an abyss of 277 miles long.the whole canyon is essentialy titled.the northern rim is 1200 feet,which is higer than the southern rim.most of it consists of one mile deep rocks.scientist estimate that there are twenty layers of is known as 'one of the natrual wounders of the world'.There are many reasons its called this but,one is that 800 million gallons of water flows through the Grand Canyon per hour.

Scientist has already discovered that the oldest human artifact in the Grand Canyon is 3000 to 4000 years old.They have also found that the Grand Canyon took 3 to 6 million years to be at the stage.It is said that one of the first men to discover it was Garcia Lopez Da Cardenas in 1540.It is known that there has been deaths reported every two to three months.Throughout the years,the amount of deaths has gone up.Scientists hs caculated 500 deaths over time in the Grand Canyon.

People have discovered that there are 90 species of animals,350 species of birds,45 reptiles,and 9 species of amphians.About 1500 plant species and 500 animal species already have been found in the Grand Canyon.According to scientists there are 450 native americans living year around there in the Grand Canyon.Scientist were informed that there is a woodland ecosystem 7300 to 4000 feet above sea level.Scientist have yet to find more information about this landform.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place with historical sites,colorado river, and many more attractions.These attractions also have many activitesto do like sports,hiking, ect.But, facts still remain unfound waiting to be uncovered by many people.The one question is,when will they be discovered?


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