Zachary Taylor

March 4, 1849- July 9, 1850

Basic Info...

Party- Whig

Vice President- Millar Filmore

Election Opponents- Martin Van Buren

America At This Time...

-Continental expansion

-Mexican- American War

-Slavery becoming an issue

-On the road to the Civil War

Key people

Secretary of state- John M. Clayton

Secretary of Treasury- William M Meredith

Secretary of War- George W. Crawford

Attorney General- Reverdy Johnson

Secretary of Navy- William B. Preston

Secretary of Interior- Thomas Ewing Sr


"I have always done my duty. I am ready to die. My only regret is for the friends I leave behind me."

Economic Policies...

-had none, he was too wrapped up in the secession and slavery issues

Foreign Policies...

-acted to stop filibustering against Cuba

-supported German Revolutions

-negotiations with britain to built a canal across Nicaragua

-Clayton-bulwer treaty

Domestic Policies...

-dealt with secession of the south

-Manifest destiny

-Texas-New Mexico border support

-didn't want slavery expansion