Industrial Revolution: Child Labor

Made By: Ayannia Tripp

An All Day Thing For Youngings

Two young brothers work their best day and night trying to provide for the family by working on the weaving loom.

Jobs Children Did In Factories

  • Children were known as the ideal type of employee due to lack of education & the kinds of jobs they performed were often excruciating
  • Many of the child labor generation worked outdoors in which they got the names "Street Cleaners" & "Street Hawkers"
  • One job a male does is a match dipper which is to dip matches into phosphorous
  • Working in the cotton mills in another job anyone can do but its under strict rules in which you clean up after machinery
  • Some kids seeked employment in coal mines as "Trappers" in which they open a trap door by pulling on a string when they saw the coal carts coming.
  • Prevalent boys exposed themselves to Chimneys where they clean chimneys, but early age starting is imperious.


Two young brothers wants to show the world they had to eat rock solid bread and are hungry for more!

Hours, Food and Working Conditions

  • Children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day with minimum breaks
  • A typical working condition for children was very horrific, menacing and broad
  • The workplace environment was a scary for kids due to the air filled with smog, poison and much more
  • Children were given portioned meals with little time to eat but the most common food are: Oatcakes, Porridge, Bread, and more

Young Adult Caught In An Accident

A boy's drowsiness in the factory made him fall under the machine and woke up with his right leg gone!

Accidents That Often Happened

  • Numerous accidents occurred injuries/carnage kids like hands and arms that were caught in machinery, eventually the muscles and skin stripped down to the bone
  • Many Children's fingers were purely penetrated in which often happened in the workplace
  • Fatigue was the most important cause of accidents due to the extensive hours they worked, how hard they worked and many more
  • The many forms of child labor may have traumatic effects on many people

Punish The Innocence

A policeman began beating innocent women and children. Children were separated from mothers. The train left without a single child aboard

Punishments Children Faced

  • Many employees were whipped with a strap due to slow pace & wouldn't stop until they caught up the pace
  • In some factories, children were dipped head first into water cistern if they became sleepy
  • Lateness wasn't tolerated in the factories so if you were late then you were beaten till your skin was black and blue if you make it they will still find you
  • Many tried to run away from the factory/poverty life but many failed trying, even In some cases if girls tried to run or speak to other employees, the master would to terrible things like cut hair to scalp with carving knife, lock up in prison nude, raped, and much more horrible things.

Equality Is the Best Policy

Two young boys and a girl are racing for their life to bring the master food for his family. They show the efforts of survival and want change!

Efforts to Improve/Stop Child Labor

  • Employers wanted change so they formed many reform groups against the factory owners, laws for change and much more
  • In 1938, Federal Regulation of Child Labor achieved in Fair Labor Standards Act (Dealt with minimum age children worked & how long they worked)
  • To improve factory life for workers , employers used numerous attempts for Congress to pass national law, which toke many year to pursue
  • The International Labor Standards/Workers Rights are broadly recognized for creating and endorsing in labor ethics, which was create in 1919