PARCC/ Online Testing Update

Department of Educational Services/Technology Department

As You Plan For Third and Fourth Quarter Lessons....

Please be aware that the network will be in heavy use during online testing and we would like to support the students and staff that are engaged in this experience. We would encourage you to plan your lessons accordingly.


Technology Supports Assigned to Every Building

At our PARCC/online testing meeting today we assigned multiple layers of technology support to be physically present in buildings on testing days. These layers of support will ensure that staff have the resources they need to rock the test.

PLEASE NOTE: Student computer updates delayed per ODE recommendations

In order to ensure a smooth testing day the technology department will be delaying the updating of all software on district student devices no later than January 30, 2014.

Dress Rehearsal Day In the Works

The DOES and the Technology Department are working on a practice run of online testing for late January. ODE is coordinating the date and our hope is that this day will allow us to ensure all our devices, and our network, are prepared for a districtwide online testing day. A day like this will also allow us to ensure proper configuration and allow us to introduce students to the testing interface. There will be more details to follow.
PARCC/Online Assessment Medina City Schools FAQs

Medina City Schools Frequently Asked Questions Document created by the Department of Educational Services. Since our last update, we have added to the accommodations section.

PARCC Practice Tests

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Ohio Next Generation Practice Tests

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