Texas TSA State Contest Changes

Heading to Fort Worth, Texas

Letter to the Membership of Texas TSA

It's with deep regret that I must report to you that due to circumstances beyond our control and in the best interest of the membership of Texas TSA, that I must announce to you that Texas TSA will not be returning to Waco for State Contest.

Shortly after our Board of Directors met in San Antonio at the Summer BOD meeting, we received news that due to the tourism in Waco because of HGTV and the Silos, the city of Waco is now classified as a top 5 destination in Texas. Unfortunately for us, that means that hotel rates in Waco have increased substantially. Of the 1,000 hotel rooms blocked for Texas TSA, we lost apx. 50% of those rooms after the hotel rankings came out. This information, combined with a National Equestrian event being held at Baylor has resulted in a severe shortage of hotel rooms in Waco as well as high priced hotel rooms. Therefore, the Board of Directors met on Monday, August 14 to discuss the situation and review all possible solutions. The Board of Directors voted to move the 2018 State Contest to the Fort Worth Convention Center, to be held April 15-17, 2018.

There are both positive and negative aspects to this change. For this year only, competition will be held on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. While Sunday is not ideal, it was our only viable option for this year. On the plus side, there will be enough space that we will not need to extend contest by an additional day and students will only miss two days of school.

Hotel rooms will still be blocked through a Texas TSA hotel block and they will be booked directly through Conference Direct and NOT through the individual hotels. ALL chapters will be expected to book through the hotel block. Hotel Block will open after October 1, 2017 and will be found on the Texas TSA website. An email will be sent out when the hotel block opens.

While it is very disappointing to be leaving Waco, Fort Worth has a lot of opportunity to offer our association and it is an exciting venture for our membership. In order to make this as easy as a transition as possible, I will be putting together information on the Fort Worth Convention Center, hotels and Fort Worth itself. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have and I will use them to construct an FAQ guide that will go out later in the semester.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the membership of Texas TSA! Here's to an exciting and successful 2017/18 school year!


Pamela K Cook

Executive Director/State Advisor

Texas Technology Student Association

"Learning to Lead in a Technical World!"

State Contest Dates: April 15-17, 2018