1984- Book 1 Chapter 1-4

A brief video of "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson to Intro. 1984

The Lottery

The Lottery- written by Shirely Jackson

Yes, it is a very disturbing piece of literature, and equally disturbing video. Let's talk about it. CLICK HERE to enter the voicethread. We will come back to this piece as we read 1984.

Welcome to 1984!

1984 George Orwell Movie Trailer (1984)

Ways to read 1984 Book 1 Chapters 1-4

1984 Book 1 Chapter 1-4 Packet

You will find your packet in your google classroom folder. Don't forget to click the "Done" button to turn it in when you are finished.
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1984 Activity #1- Voicethread

You need to record this activity on voicethread. You have 3 options of what you can present. CLICK HERE to enter the Voicethread

Option 1
Prepare a speech written in Newspeak,(you can rewrite a current newspaper article in Newspeak or create your own) the speech must contain at least 6 Newspeak words)

Option 2
Create a recording of Winston’s secret diary (making it a podcast basically) Make sure this is dramatically accurate considering Winston’s point of view.

Option 3
Give a dramatic reading of a scene from Part One. You may have Winston speak out loud to himself- since most of Book I is a record of his thoughts. You can also have others (friends/family) help you read the parts of other actors.

Weekly Checklist

  • Complete the Voicethread about "The Lottery" CLICK HERE
  • Read Chapter 1-4 1984
  • Complete the Google Classroom Doc "1984 Book 1 Ch1-4 Packet"
  • Complete the "1984 Activity #1" Voicethread CLICK HERE