The curious incident

of the dog in the night-time

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Analysis of Major Characters

Christopher John Francis Boone - Christopher Boone is the protagonist and narrator of this novel. He is also very creative and interesting in many ways. He is very good at math and science, knows every prime number up to 7,057, and knows every country and its capital. Christopher is a very interesting person because he is not like every other human being. Although Christopher is very smart, he struggles with social interaction. He can’t really tell what the other person is thinking, or determine peoples mood by their facial expression. He dislikes being touched and likes being alone. All of Christopher’s characteristics add up to him having Autism. Although Christopher doesn't mention that he has autism, he does notice that he is different from everyone else. His condition stops him from doing many things, like taking care of himself. But he does overcome that challenge when he goes to London by himself to visit his Mother. At the end, Christopher feels like he can now be that independent person he always wanted to be.

Father(Ed Boone)- Ed Boone, or more known as “Father” is Christopher’s biological dad. Father is a very self-centered person. Like Christopher, he doesn't like to socialize and only has one friend named Rhodri. One thing about him is that he can go to extremes when he demonstrates his emotions. Some of the reasons why he does that is because he is divorced and feels like he has no one left except Christopher. Another thing is that he has to take care of Christopher all by himself, and it’s difficult for him, so he gets really angry when Christopher doesn't obey him. One important thing that Christopher’s father did in the novel was that after the divorce between him and Christopher’s mother, she went away to live with Mr. Shears, which was the ex-husband of the owner of the dead dog. So he had to take care of Christopher all by himself, but he lied to Christopher and told him that his mother had a heart attack and she had died. So later Christopher found out and lost all the trust he had on his father.

Mother(Judy Boone)- Judy Boone, or more known as “Mother”, is Christopher’s biological mom. We don’t really know anything about her until the end of the novel. The way that Christopher described her is as a loving person who was very healthy and fit. He also says that she was very small and smelled nice. She has been absent for half of Christopher’s life because Father told Christopher that she had died from a heart attack, but in reality she was living in London with her new boyfriend. In the time that she was gone, she wrote letters to Christopher telling him how much she missed him and how she was sorry that she couldn't take care of him, but he never got them because Father hid them away from him so he wouldn't find out that she was alive. We also know that she suffered from depression. But when Mother finally appears in the novel, her character changes into a strong and independent woman. At the end of the novel, she still thinks that she won’t be able to take care of Christopher the way he needs to be taken care of.

Theme Analysis

Mysterious- The curious incident of the dog in the night time starts of with a dog dying.The dog was killed with a gardening fork. Christopher was at the crime scene he was the first to see the dog dead. The dogs name was wellington and the owners name was Mrs.Shears .Mrs.Shears immediately thought Chris had killed the dog.Chris takes a detective role trying to find out who really killed the dog.During chris’s Journey he finds out things he didn't know like the fact his mom is still alive.He also figures out his dad killed the dog, and that his mom cheated on his father.There is a mysterious tone set throughout the whole book because you'll never know what Christopher will figure out next.

Independence- Christopher tries to become independent and do things on his own. Because of his condition, Christopher cannot be as independent as he would like. Since he has trouble understanding other people, dealing with new environments, and making choices when confronted with an overload of new information, for instance, he has difficulty going places by himself. When he feels frightened or overwhelmed, he has a tendency to essentially shut down, curling himself into a ball and trying to block out the world around him. As a result, we see him going against his father in the book by lying and disobeying his father’s orders. Solving the dogs murder helps us see his efforts to be independent that forces Christopher to speak with a number of people he doesn't know which he finds uncomfortable and it gives him confidence in his ability to solve problems on his own.

Summary of book