Romeo and Juliet

What makes a work of literature great?

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

Part A: Romeo and Juliet Breakout

Start Here!

After watching the video below, follow the clues in the Romeo and Juliet Google Form under the video. All resources are in the library or in the resource provided in the links.
Romeo and Juliet Lightbox--Click here for all clues!

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Part B: Imagining an Isolated Scene

Connecting Classical Literature with Today's Audience

References to scenes, lines, or characters from Romeo and Juliet are all around us. For some reason, the story sticks with us and has become part of our culture.

Your group will use the Romeo and Juliet Lightbox (Username and password are your ID) to get to know a little about the characters, setting, theme, and symbols you will come to know very well as you read the play. Using the information provided, imagine an important moment or scene from the play and create a 20-30 second video teaser.

Your teaser must:

  • Include a relevant title
  • Include one significant quote from the play
  • Incorporate an important symbol in the play
  • Represent at least one major character (include images of a person you imagine could be the character, create the teaser from a specific character's perspective, use voiceover as the character, etc.)
  • Utilize images, graphics, and sound that reveal a major theme, setting, or mood of the scene.

To create your video you might try anyone of these websites:

Be sure to follow the idrections to publish your video link. You will post the link in the closure activity below.

Closure: Reflect and Respond

Your group will discuss today's question and share the link to your teaser.

Timeless Themes in Today's Literature