All About Barbados

By: Brianna Fisher

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. 4 major cities are Bridgeown, Saint Michael, Oistins, and Saint Joseph. Barbados was controlled by another country. It was controlled by the British. Barbados gained independence in 1961-1966. Barbados isn't controlled by another country. The official language is English. The flag is blue and yellow with a weapon in the middle.
My country is east of Saint Vincent and grenadines. 3 physical features are plains, mountains, and oceans. The type of government is constitutional monarchy. The leader of Barbados is Freundel Stewart. The currency is Barbadian dollar. The economic system is capitalism. People should visit Barbados because it has good beaches and nice citizens. Tourists should go on boat tours, visit huntes gardens and go to Harrison's cave. 3 interesting facts about Barbados are that Rihanna was born there but she moved to the United States when she was 16. Another fact is that Barbados is surrounded by ocean. Lastly, Barbados has never been invaded by a foreign power.

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