Levels of Industry Project

By Hunter Browning

Level 1: Agriculture

Agriculture: The gathering and processing of raw materials.

Ex: Ranching: Milk

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Level 2: Manufacturing

Manufacturing: Turning a raw material into a product.

Ex: Creameries: Blue Bell

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Level 3: Wholesale,Transportation,and Retail

Wholesaler: Sells the product to the retailer.

Ex: Warehouse to store products for sale.

Transportation: Delivers the product from wholesaler to retailer.

Ex: Trucks

Retailer: Sells the product to consumers.

Ex: Walmart

Level 4: Service Industry

Service Industry: Marketing or advertising the product.

Ex: Commercials,ads,magazines,etc.

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The 4 Levels of Industry

The four levels of industry are agriculture,manufacturing,wholesale,transportation and retail,and last but not least,service industry.It all starts with agriculture.Agriculture is the gathering and processing of raw materials.Some examples are commercial farming,mining,logging,or in this case ranching.The agricultural industry provides raw materials for the manufacturing industry.The manufacturing industry turns the raw materials into products.Examples include bakers,furniture makers,factories,and creameries.The manufacturing industry provides the product for the wholesaler,transporter,and retailer.The third level of industry is wholesale,transportation,and retail. Wholesalers sell the product to the retailer.A warehouse is an example of wholesale and it stores the product until it is sold to the retailer.The transportation takes the product from the wholesaler and delivers it to the retailer.Products are transported by trucks,planes, trains,etc.Once the product is delivered to the retailer,the retailer sells the product to consumers.Walmart,Kroger,and Target are all examples of retail.Finally, there is the service industry.The service industry is the marketing or advertising of a product.Commercials,billboards,ads,and magazines all help advertise the product.Even though there are only four levels of industry,it still takes a lot to make and sell a product.