Natalia Decundo & Andres Crisci

Where is the Riachuelo located?

Originates in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina and defines the souther boundary of the Buenos Aires federal district. It empities into the Rio de la Plata between Tandaron and Dock Sud. The La Boca neighbourhood and the Boca Juniors football club are located near this river.

The Cause of pollution

The problem comes from 1822, the Riachuelo was already dirty.

Also because of the stream are the sewage discharged and industrial prime from the food inndustry.

Sources of Pollution



-Cobre & Magnesium

How the Riachuelo affected people

"We drink, we bath, we cook with waste water. 9 months ago the goverment promise us that they would leave all in good conditions. But they didn´t do anything. This water pollutes us. Also people is transfered to another villages"

This shows us that the people that lives near the river are in really bad conditions and the goverment dont help them.

Goverment Sollutions

They prohibited the installation of saladeros, curtiembre & industries from the basins.