The Miller

Michael Atkinson

Part 1

1. A Miller

2. People depended on his bread and grain and it tells us you just couldn't get it from anywhere.

3. He was an important person ranking third after the lord of the manor and the priest.

4. The miller ran a shop near his mill where he baked bread and weighed grain for the serfs

5. he steals corn by mixing filler in their sack, lustful nature because he had red hair

6. A Miller because the occupation has not changed

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Part 2


The Miller is a man that weighs 224 pounds

A very stout man that is big in muscle and bone

He did good out of all the people, because he could go

And win gold at any wrestling show

Big, muscular, and low shoulders, that he would brag about

He could remove any door from where it was hook on to

or he run and break the door with his head

His beard was as red as a fox

It was also wide and look liked a shovel

And at the tip of his beard his nose showed

a hairy wart

That had hair as red as a female pigs ear

His nostril were wide and very black

At his side he had a sword and a shield

His mouth was mighty and nasty

He was loud and dumb and knew

a lot of dirty bar stories

He was very skilled at stealing grain

He felt the grain with his thumb and then knew

the quality of it and took three times the money for it

He could gauge grains with his thumb of gold

He wore a blue hood and a white coat

He liked to play the bagpipes

And he played them as they left out of town.


1. 561,562,565,568,569,571,572,573,575



4. Slepen-sleeping, Melodye-Melody, nyght-night,Redy-ready,yonge-young

Part 3

1. Chaucer's opinion of my character is that he is a big brute that is dirty and is a thief because he steals grain.

2.Lines 565,573,576,578

3. Ram as in the miller he takes the ram in every wrestling show means he is the strongest one around.