Greek or Greece

why is Greece so inportant?

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is known for its trade, land, and mythology. Without this ancient Greece would not be the same.


“Mythology has a myth that explained natural or historical events.” Like when the god Poseidon was upset there would be waves. Next they have many gods, and goddess. First of all they have 6 goddess, and 8 gods. Every story has a god, or goddess, or both. Like when Hera puts a curse on Echo.


Land, water, and rugged mountains is what ancient Greece is made of. They have the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, and the Black Sea on each side. They have rugged mountains, and little farm land. First of all they had rugged mountains that made it hard to farm. They had to trade for food, and other stuff.


Trade made Greece what it is today. There was little farm land that meant little city-states, and trade. They traded wine, olives, and olives oil. They got back timber, and metal, and much more. Ancient Greece have many things like trade, land, and mythology. Without this Greece would not be the same.