All the Poisons that are in one cigarette

They are :





Carbon monoxide








Vinyl Ccigarettes

Don't smoke if you are pregnant and want your baby


  • First reason is that when your baby is born it could have problems breathing
  • When you baby comes out it could come with some dark spots
  • Your por baby could also die when it's in your body or when it comes out
  • If you love and want your baby STOP SMOKING KNOW.
  • If you want to stop but you just can't ask for help

If your pretty and smoke

You are a person that tries to look good every time but you smoke. Your looks will go way soon or later you will look like a monster.

  • Lets say you are 14 years old and some how you smoke. When you are 20-30 years old you will look like a 45-55 year old person.
  • If you really love your self and think you are pretty STOP SMOKING KNOW!!!

All the thing that could happen to you if you smoke

  • Cancer: a malignant and invasive growth or tumor, especially one originating in epithelium, tending to recur after excision and to metastasize to other sites.

  • Atherosclerosis: a common form of arteriosclerosis in which fatty substances form adeposit of plaque on the inner lining of arterial walls.

  • Bronchitis: acute or chronic inflammation of the membrane lining of the bronchialtubes, caused by respiratory infection or exposure to bronchialirritants, as cigarette smoke.

  • Emphysema: a chronic, irreversible disease of the lungs characterized by abnormal enlargement of air spaces in the lungs accompanied by destruction of the tissue lining the walls of the air spaces.

  • Leukoplakia: a disorder of a mucous membrane characterized by one or more white

    patches, occurring most commonly on the cheek, tongue, vulva, penis : often medically insignificant but sometimes becoming malignant.


The things hat tobacco has and the things it gives you .

  • You could be Addiction to tobacco
  • Tobacco has Nicotine
  • You could get Atherosclerosis
  • You could get Emphysema
  • You could get Leukoplakia
  • You could also have a proble with your skin for example you could have chaped lips and dry skin.
  • You could have problems with my body Circulation.
  • I could have Carcinogen
  • I could also have cancer like I said before
  • I would have a sickness called Bronchitis and nobody has time for that .

Did you know

  • Did you know that you can chew tobacco but then you spit it out. But if you do that you will get leukoplakia and emphysema and much more diseases that I have told you before.
  • You do know that if you chew or smoke tobacco bad things will happen to you . Thoses bad thing wont come the first day you do it but one day you will come and change you horribly p.

You can stop

What you need and what you can do to stop smoking.

  • You love your self you will stop
  • You love the people that live with you and that you don't want to make harm to them you will stop.
  • You have to be positive to stop.
  • If you want to stop ask for help know ,today.
  • Have some one by your side every time to help you with your problem becaus eyou d have a big problem.
  • You need lots of love and be around people that love you

The law and how strong is a cigarette

Teenagers should not smoke / it's a legal.

  • In the U.S.A only 21 year old adults and up could only smoke.
  • There a lot of teenagers that try it and say that they won't try it again but they will because did you know you first try a cigarette the first time you are already addicted to it that's how strong one cigarette is.

Teenagers and Adults

Teenagers you are just starting your life stop smoking know I know it's really hard to stop but pease ask for some help.

  1. And I ashore you that you will be able to stop.
  2. If yoU want to die just keep on smoking but if you love your self and you know people love you STOP KNOW !
  3. For adults if you have kids or family emagen how there life will be with out you.