Mrs. Love

Teaching Drive in a matter of minutes!

Google Drive- Create

With Google Drive you can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings
Going Google with Google Drive

What can I do with a document?

  • Create a Document
  • Name a Document
  • Delete a Document
  • Share a Document
  • Edit a Document Together

What can I do with a Presentation?

Presentations in Google Drive

Google Drive presentations are very much like Power Point presentations but with a lot more power behind them. You have the ability to work on them together in real time and share them with others for editing purposes or just for information.

Presentation Continued

  • Choose Background
  • Choose Design
  • Create Presentation
  • Add pictures, videos, music etc...
  • Share and Collaborate
Google Spreadsheet Tutorial
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Google Forms

Allows you to choose a title, select a theme, and create a form. You can use many types of questions. The form can be shared and the data is collected automatically. You may view it in spreadsheet form or summary form.