frigurtive langeuage


Defernition-it is over exaggeration that it will not happen in reall life

Explan-I know you've waited a millon light years to learn about


Definition-People use personifition to make there writting come alive

Explan-The stars are smilling and winking at us!

Proverbs and Adages

Definition- A proverb is a short word, An adage is alsi a wise saying word.

Explan- Birds of a feather flock together.


Defernition-Idims are expression that means something diffrernt

Explan-Don't chicken out! Idims are fun!


Definition- A simile is a compering word

Explan-Simils she id a harry spider

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Definition-you ues aliteration with sounds,sentence,phrase andv poems

Explan- I was cooking a cake and having a coffee i coppy the cheif crack a egg whill ina car and looking at comprerhentipon on a cat whill on a chair

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Definition- you ues a Onomatapiea for sound efects and a litersry effects

Exaplan-I had a ride in a realy round red racing car

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Definition- Metaphors is two compering words

Explan-Metapours she is a happy calm