Darwin's Postulates

By Maria Milmo


All individuals have a type of variation, that is why the dogs in the picture all have similar traits to the gray wolf yet they are not exactly alike. Because they are all different types of dog breeds and ultimately different types of dogs. That is why their appearance changes depending on the country the dog comes from because they have different mates from the country of origin


Alleles of an individual inherited from parents, These alleles are advanced trauts that generations get from parents for example the giraffes in the picture, Each generation has a longer neck shy? because they evolved to reach the hardest leaves to reach in order to survive.

Individuals vary in Their Success at Reproducing

Every generation evolves and the ones that are "better" or more evolved have more success in reproducing because of these mutation that help them survive in their environment. This makes them prone to natural selection.

Survival and reproduction are not random

White flowers attracted twice as many bees as yellow flowers and produce slightly more seeds as well, so Therefore the data shows that reproductive success is not random. The white flowers attract more bees.