How To Get Better At Wide Receiver



First you want to do speed drills I would start by doing the 40 yard dash that’s when you run as fast as you can to the 40 yard line. I think speed is really important to get returns and touchdowns.

Now you want to do strength drills this will help when you want to hit somebody. Do hamburger drills. This is when one person has the ball and the other one tries to tackle the person with the ball. There are many strength drills you can do.

Last is the catching drills you can do a lot of catching drills I like the man 2 man drill that’s when there’s a whole defense and a whole offense, the defense has to find out where’s the ball going the receiver has to catch it before the defense gets a pic also known as a interception.

About the author

I am a defensive player I am a middle linebacker I got 12 tackles and 4 tackles for loss. Im pretty good if I play again I want to be the same position and wide receiver.

Just Some Facts

  • facts
  1. a W.R is usually wears gloves
  2. if you get the ball at the beginning of the game the opposite team gets the ball at halftime
  3. face mask is when you grab someones face
  4. holding is when you hold someones jersey for 3 seconds or longer
  5. horse collar is when u grab somebody's' neck
  6. pass interference is when you grab or push the receiver when the ball is in the air or untouched by anyone.