Ancient Indians

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They would trap rain in ditches, dams,and canals. There house's were like apartments made out of stone and adobe. The Pueblo Bonito lived in Chaco Canyon. There was more than 1,000 people living there.They built roads for trading networks. Craftsmen made jewelry, baskets,and pottery. Hopi and Zuni are the two largest Pueblo groups today.


They lived in Ohio Valley around 700 BC. Squash,Sunflowers,Gourds,and Barley were some of the foods that they grew. They made jewelry from copper and fine pottery.


came to Ohio around 300 BC. They built mounds, some was 40ft high and 100ft wide. Artifacts suggest a extensive TRADE network. The Adena and the Hopwell both referred as "Mound Builders."

The Indians



came to Mississippi valley by 800 AD. They had plants used for many foods. When you would add maize(corn)and beans, there was a increase in people. Because there was a big increase in people, they needed more land. When they needed more land, some cities would have more than 10,000 people. In Cahokia, there was a massive mound about 100 feet high and more than 14 acres. It was larger than The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Around this mound was 120 smaller mounds.
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