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Weekly Newsletter for Spring Hill Intermediate Employees

September 4, 2015


Reed Thornburgh, 4th Grade- Mrs. Kennedy's Class

Reed is such a sweet kid. He works hard and is honest, even if it will not be beneficial for him. He is kind to others and respectful to teachers. I am so thankful to have Reed in my class!

Jessica Terry, 4th Grade Teacher- Jessica has been invaluable in helping our 4th grade team prepare for the beginning of the year! For example, she created the templates, answer documents, and calendars for our new spiraling calendar lessons in Math. She has also organized a way to keep up with our TEKS...and has helped the rest of us in this as well. She is a consistent source of encouragement, resources, and ideas...simply put, she is a vital part of our team, and we are beyond blessed to have her here at Spring Hill Intermediate!!

Carol Procell, Intermediate Content Mastery...She is always friendly and willing to help at a moments notice. Carol has really gone above and beyond in helping to prepare and facilitate our "Power Up" program for students that struggle with Math and Reading. Carol showed initiative in gathering resources to use and schedules to meet the needs of students and teachers! Carol's work ethic and willingness to solve problems are always a fresh reminder to each of us what teamwork looks like.

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Remember: we are learning and practicing "Framing the Lesson" this six weeks...

Great Job at posting lesson frames on the board! Keep up the great work as we learn more about how lesson frames work!! Here are some great LESSON FRAMES we found!

Remember a good Lesson Frame says two things:

1) What will be taught in class today?

2) What will the students DO with that knowledge?

Check out these Awesome Lesson Frames:

  • Objective: We will identify the rising action in a work of fiction. Product: I will work with a partner to identify and list words that create suspense.
  • Objective: We will add and subtract decimals. Product: I will determine the possible balance for my allowance this month.
  • Objective: We will identify natural sources of fresh water. Product: I will complete an exit ticket describing the difference between fresh water and salt water.
  • Objective: We will discuss the regions of Texas and the products from each region. Product: I will identify the most valuable region of Texas and justify my answer.

Check Your Google Calendar for upcoming Events this Week!

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A Few RANDOM Reminders and Tips!

  • A REMINDER: Due to our 4 week accelerated instruction for students that have failed Reading STAAR last Spring, CM will be closed from 10:00-10:30 and 1:30-2:00. All other times CM will be staffed with at least one person, sometimes two to three.
  • Education Foundation: To be eligible for a grant, you must have donated some amount to the foundation. We can still accept donations in the office.
  • Teacher Appraisals: In your boxes Tuesday you will have a draft of your goal setting portion of the new T-TESS appraisal system. Begin thinking about goals for your teaching and professional development. Natalie and I will conduct goal setting conferences for several weeks starting Sept. 16th
  • Lunch Guests: Starting September 16th parents and grandparents will be able to eat with students. We ask that students only take one lunch guest with them to the back cafeteria to eat with their visitor. Lunch Visitors may bring a special lunch for their student, but not for the friend or class of the student.

Spring Hill Intermediate School

Amy Doron, Principal

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Spring Hill Intermediate provides a place for learning where all students can can find success, confidence, respect, and direction for their future!

Campus Vision Statement:

Collaborating to create an engaging, challenging, and well rounded system of education for the improvement of all students.