Martin Luther

By Lidia Mohammed

Who is Martin Luther?

Martin Luther was a German professor who criticized the power of the pope, and the wealth of the church. He believed that not only do you need to be good for god to forgive you, but you also need faith. He also believed that the true head of the church is Jesus not Pope. His 95 thesis is a is considered as a bold declaration for the protestant church.

Here is a sample of his 95 thesis:

1. When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, says "Repent ye," etc., he means that the entire life of the faithful should be a repentance.

2. This statement cannot be understood of the sacrament of penance, i.e., of confession and satisfaction, which is administered by the priesthood.

27. They preach human folly who pretend that as soon as money in the coffer rings a soul from purgatory springs.

32. Those who suppose that on account of their letters of indulgence they are sure of salvation will be eternally damned along with their teachers.

36. Every Christian who truly repents has plenary [full] forgiveness both of punishment and guilt bestowed on him, even without letters of indulgence.


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