Mr. Ross' Weekly Newsletter

April 24, 2015

"I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators."

- Gerald Ford

Science Center Field Trip

Catawba Science Center - Convection Demonstration
Catawba Science Center - Heat Transfer Demonstration
Catawba Science Center - Convection Activity
Catawba Science Center - Conduction Activity Part 1
Catawba Science Center - Conduction Activity Part 2
Catawba Science Center - Radiation Activity

Heritage Day

What Will We Be Learning This Week?


We will move on to Unit 8, which focuses on equations, functions, and order of operations.

Language Arts

We will be reading Freedom Crossing, a historical fiction novel centered around the Underground Railroad.

We will have a Words Their Way spelling list this week, but it will be the last one this year as we move our focus to math and science for the upcoming EOGs.

Social Studies

We will be completing the final two USA Studies Weekly (numbers 27 and 28) this week. We will complete #27 in class together on Monday, and have #28 be the usual homework assignment due on Friday. Completing the USA Studies Weekly a week early will free up time the next week to focus on math and science for the upcoming EOGs.


We will be continuing our study of large-scale weather patterns (the third part of our weather unit).

Weather Patterns 1 - The Water Cycle

Weather Patterns 2 - Measuring Weather

Weather Patterns 3 - Weather Patterns

Odds & Ends

JDRF Blackburn Kids Walk-A-Thon Donations

Please consider donating at the following website to help support our Kids Walk-A-Thon on Tuesday. Thank you!

Blackburn JDRF Kids Walk-A-Thon

Blackburn Has Talent Gift Basket

A big thank you to the parents who donated items to our class gift basket!

Technology in the Classroom

We have started using Google Classroom, which is basically a way for me to organize digital assignments and materials for students that I would have otherwise just uploaded to Google Drive. You can access this by going to The student login is the same as for the other google accounts.

Thank you for sending in the tablets and other devices for your children to use. We are now using these devices on a daily basis in our classroom so they are very helpful to have!

Specialists' Weekly Newsletter

Upcoming Events

4/24 - Blackburn's Got Talent and Gift Basket Auction (PTO Event) (6:00-8:00 tonight!)

5/12 - PDQ Spirit Night

5/13 - Progress Reports

5/15 - Box Tops Collection Date (Final Collection Date of Year)

5/15 - Haw River 2015 Benefit Dance

5/25 - No School (Memorial Day)

Upcoming Field Trips:

5/8 - Science Center Outreach Program at Blackburn - Weather

JDRF Events:

4/28 - JDRF Walk-A-Thon

Block Schedule

Monday 4/27 - Music

Tuesday 4/28 - Drama

Wednesday 4/29 - PE

Thursday 4/30 - PE

Friday 5/1 - Music

Monday 5/4 - Drama

Tuesday 5/5 - PE

Wednesday 5/6 - PE

Thursday 5/7 - Music

Friday 5/8 - Drama