Admiral Weekly News

Week of October 12-16, 2015

Administrative Team Thank You’s and Kudos

  • Thank you to Mr. Eckhoff for completing the CHICAGO MARATHON!!!
  • Congratulations to Jennifer Schober, Ausha Espiet, Lisa Gault, and Jennifer Marshall for being accepted into the William and Mary Gifted Endorsement Cohort.
  • Thank you to Ms. Square for planning the Bully Prevention Activities.
  • Thank you to ALL STAFF for completing grades on time and being flexible with the constant reminders. The turn-around time for review and printing is so short. Thank you for assisting us in meeting the deadline.

Important News You Can Use!

Daily Reminders - October 12-16, 2015

Monday – October 12, 2015
  • Professional Learning – See PL Calendar – Please sign up in ERO for Recertification Points.
  • Teacher Work Day
  • Please review the October Calendar below and on Page 3 of the attachment. Assemblies, activities, and updates have been added.
  • PLP Due Today

Tuesday – October 13, 2015
  • Homeroom – Admiral Pride Lesson
  • Staff Meeting by EMAIL

Wednesday – October 14, 2015
  • Homeroom: Admiral Pride Organizational Chart
  • Edwards Educational Consultant Visit – Please welcome Debbie Lane

Thursday – October 15, 2015

  • Homeroom: AVID/College and Career Lesson
  • AVID/College/Career/Sorority/Fraternity Day – Please wear a shirt that represents AVID, College, Career, or Your Sorority or Fraternity.
  • Math/Language Arts Lesson Plans Due
  • School Improvement Team Meeting – 3:30pm Location: Main Office Conference Room
  • Principal’s Coffee – 8:45am
  • Principal’s Chat and Chew - 6:00pm

Friday – October 16, 2015
  • Homeroom: Admiral Pride Organizational Chart/Student Support
  • Admiral Pride Day
  • Pledge Against Bullying – Wear Blue For Bully Prevention!

Weekly Reminders

Hallway Assistance/Attendance
  • The Administration and your colleagues need your support during every class change. Please make sure that you are at your door, greeting students, and encouraging them to get to class on time. If you see a colleague having a difficult time with a student please assist them. #TeamHammond
  • Please remember to take attendance during every class period.

CLT’s and Lesson Plans

  • Math/Language Arts lesson plans should be emailed to your grade level evaluator every Thursday. Science Lesson Plans are due beginning October 26. Please also load them to Google Drive. This will assist us in having a process in place when the VDOE sends a lesson plan request.
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Happy Birthday!

  • Sherri Holmes – 10/4
  • Meghan Pope – 10/9
  • April Riser 10/12
  • Isabel Perez – 10/16
  • Catrice Wilson – 10/16
  • Nicole Bonds – 10/19
  • Joshua Abramsohn – 10/24
  • Victoria Montgomery – 10/24
  • Elizabeth Blount – 10/26

October 2015 - Disability Awareness Month/ Bully Prevention Month

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