Leap Into Literacy Kindergarten


Interactive Read-Alouds are more than just Storytime!

Interactive read-alouds are true teaching time that is carefully planned and intentional. It allows you to share a text with the whole class or small group in order to:

  • Demonstrate many strategies
  • Support new learning goals
  • Deepen comprehension through conversation

A Variety of Read-Aloud Structures

There are many different structures for interactive read-alouds:

  • Turn and Talk: Stop reading and prompt students by thinking aloud and asking questions.
  • Think-Aloud: Pause the reading and share your thoughts about what's happening in the text.
  • Stop and Jot: Each reader jots pictures or emojis on sticky notes.
  • Stop and Act: Readers are prompted to act out part of the text.

What the Research Says...

"Researchers suggest that the most valuable aspect of the read-aloud activity is that it gives children experience with decontextualized language, requiring them to make sense of ideas that are about something beyond the here and now. (Beck & Sandora, 2016; Beck & McKeown, 2001).

Watch Lester Laminack Unwrap a Read-Aloud


Visit A Reading Or Writing Lab Site

Please remember that we continue to support your visitation to your colleagues' classrooms through our reading and writing lab sites. If you would like to visit a colleague, just reach out to your building's RDT. Think about an area of focus for your visit in order to make your time in your colleague's classroom meaningful and purposeful.

Happy Visiting!