Mapping the world, one outdoor classroom at a time

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Competition this Saturday! The 28th!

So, what exactly is going on in courtyards everywhere?

In outdoor classrooms and courtyards everywhere, birds, bugs, and critters are being killed by pesticides. This killing causes a chain reaction that disrupts the food chain. For example, a bird eats a bug that was killed by pesticides. Since the bug contained pesticides, the pesticides are now in the bird's system and could harm or potentially kill it. We came up with GroveMap , an electronic mapping system that show where various animals are living so that when the school decides to spray, they know where to spray and where not to spray.We used ArcGIS to make our map.When using GroveMap, the lives of many critters and bugs are saved.. Anyone can view our map and even map their own outdoor learning space.
Eastern Bluebird Info

Bluebirds are awesome! Go check them out.

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Our ArcGIS Web App!

We used ArcGIS to make our map.With our web app, everyone can see our map without an ArcGIS account.