Your Digital Footprint

Be careful what you post

Watch what you do online. Anyone can track what you search, people can stalk you on social media sites, your employers pay attention to this stuff.

People can track what you search

Businesses all over track what you search on the Internet, they figure out your interests, what you like to do, who your friends are, all by what what you search up. You might think it's impossible, but it's not. Businesses are tracking you whether you know it or not.
Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. But the internet is the best place for kidnappers to kidnap you. They'll meet you on social media sites, they'll probably say there younger than they are. In time they'll want to meet up with you, and then, you just got kidnapped.
Be careful what you post online, businesses won't give you a job, not without searching you up first. What happens when you search up your own name, what do you find, maybe it's stuff you don't want people to know. But your employers do, and what if you posted something quite, mean and/or embarrassing, people will see it, and probably use it as an excuse to not get you a job.