2015 Year in Review

The Best and the Worst

Best Marketed Companies of the Year

I believe the companies that marketed themselves the best this year were;

1) Kylie Jenner's Brand (Lip Kit)

This lip kit comes in 3 different kits including lip liner and lip gloss in 3 different colors. I believe this brand was advertised well because it was all over social media, many, many girls were trying Kylie's lip kit and posting it on social media for the whole world to see. This kit sold out within a week of it being introduced.

2) Hover Board

The hover board companies did an amazing job at advertising their brand because this was also all over social media, such as vine, instagram and twitter etc. This product also appeals to people who enjoy skateboarding and longboarding. It is also a fast way to get from place to place.

3) Ciroc

P-Diddy's Ciroc brand was well advertised because the commercials did a good job at creating a good look for the vodka. They have also come out with a new flavor called "Green Apple". I chose this as one of the best marketed companies because they stay consistent with their commercials and invest a lot of time and effort into their commercials as well to make sure their product looks good. And I've seen many people buying Ciroc for that reason.

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Best Products of 2015

1) Amazon Prime

2) Organic Arvin Body Coffee Scrub

Amazon Prime is definitely on the best list because it is competing with Netflix in many ways. With Amazon Prime you are paying less money then you would be paying for Netflix. The difference isn't huge but it's still less money. When it comes to photo storage, free shipping and music downloading, Amazon Prime is a better way to go. Netflix is still more popular, however Amazon Prime found it's way up there.

As for the Arvin Organic Coffee Scrub, it was advertised very well and it also works. It is made of all natural ingredients and really shows a difference in your skin. It's definitely a product that showed it's results rather than told them.

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Worst Products of 2015

1) The Apple Watch

2) The Selfie Shoe

Both of these products definitely count as two of the worst products of 2015. They both never really blew up as far as advertising or marketing. Also, they both had no great uses, there were already other products that we have been using that made these products have no use. Both are just pointless and un needed.

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Top 2 Movies of the Year

1) Fifty Shades of Grey

2) Star Wars

These two were the top movies of 2015 because 50 Shades was previously a really popular best selling book so many people couldn't wait until the movie came out. As for Star Wars, it was an older movie recently they made a sequel of, they also advertised the movie in a lot of toy commercials and other commercials. Both movies aired a lot of commercials throughout this year as well.

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Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

1) Adele

2) Justin Bieber

These two are on the top musical artist list because every song they have released this year has made it on the top most popular music list. Also, their songs are always on the radio and they are both very well known, talented singers. Both have been advertised in a way through social media, Vine especially with Adele's new single called "Hello". Social Media definitely took a big part in their songs blowing up.

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Top 10 Songs of 2015

1) "Fresh Without Blood" Grimes

2) "Titled" Christine and the Queens

3) "Want to Want Me" Jason Derulo

4) "When We Were Young" Adele

5) "The Hills" The Weeknd

New Year Resolutions

Personal Improvement

I want to workout everyday and get my dream body this year. I want to be able to also work hard and make a lot of money so I can support myself.

Family and Friends

I want to reconnect with my friends and create a stronger bond with them. As well as with my family. I barely get to see my family and I hope that changes this year.

School and the Outside World

Getting better grades in particular all As is my goal this year and graduating high school. As far as the outside world I hope I make my career through modeling and create more job opportunities for myself.