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Week at a Glance


  • PTA Board Meeting


  • SILT Meeting 3:45 in the Panther's Den


  • Staff Meeting-Media Center 3:40-3:50pm
  • PLCs from 3:50-4:45pm


  • Final Soccer Game

Coach Support

Your coaches want to continue to support you in delivering the best instruction for your students. The following visuals should help clarify the components of the content areas. Your coaches will visit your grade levels this week to check any questions you may have. Also, feel to contact the coaches for further assistance.

Big picture
Big picture



iReady Math

As a team most grade levels voted to begin iReady. I have scheduled the first professional development on 11/27 in the Media Center. They have requested two 3 hour sessions (a group in the morning and a group in the afternoon). If you are interested in using iReady Math with your students this year, please plan to attend and let me know by completing the form so we can reserve a substitute. The student materials should arrive sometime next week or over Thanksgiving Break.

I decided based on our conversations at the staff meeting that this is NOT an all or nothing. If you are interested in doing the program this year, you will have the tools to do so. If not, please make sure you are using strategies (MAP data/Itslearning) to help reach your learners and avoid the "Iceberg."

Remember, this is just a pilot. If we do not like to program, or it does not yield the results we are hoping for, we do not have to continue with it next year.

Teacher Tip-proximity

Proximity Control- the idea that simply being physically near students improves their behavior and focus. Focus on the proximity not necessarily the control!

The Benefits of Proximity Control
Not only is using proximity control free and easy, but it helps sustain some important components in your classroom.

· It preserves student’s dignity and confidence. When you stop class to “call out” a student in front of their peers, this is a stressful and embarrassing experience to undergo as a student.

· It redirects students in a respectful and effective way. This method reinforces fairness and respect for students, adjusting their behavior with a positive sense of presence rather than a negative use of words.

· It maintains your flow of work or instruction. Instead of hitting the pause button and momentarily distracting the class with a reprimand, proximity control redirects individual students without disrupting the current focus of the class.

· It helps you know what’s going on. Not only does being close to students redirect them, but you can acquire a firsthand over-the-shoulder view of what students are engaged with throughout your room.

· It reinforces the standards of your classroom. Similar to when drivers start braking their cars when a cop passes by, all students within the sphere of your proximity commit a quick self-assessment to determine how their current behavior aligns with the stated expectations.

So as you look for ways to respectfully redirect student attention and subtly reinforce your high standards, get on your feet and make yourself physically present around your students!
Read the full article here:

Printer Ink...

We are spending about $1200-$1500 a month on ink for your classroom printers. I think it is because people are printing class sets on their individual printers instead of using the copy machine. We cannot sustain spending that much on ink every month; therefore we will only buy ink for printers once this year. After that, we will supply the ink for one grade level/content area printer. Please try and utilize the copy machines and/or go paperless when possible.

New Chromebooks...

Lucky us...we will be getting TWO additional Chromebook carts! This will allow us to be one-to-one in grades 2-5 and provide K & 1 with 5-6 iPads for their classrooms daily. We will probably receive the two new carts some time next month.



Super Specials...

I am very excited to share the upcoming In-house field trips for our students' Super Specials classes:

  • January- Xdrenaline STEM lesson
  • February- Vet Clinic lesson
  • March- Builder Bunch LEGO STEM lesson

Many of you stated that your students really enjoyed the "out-of-the-box" classes. Our goal is to offer one of these each month during Super Specials next year.

Staff Shout Outs..

1. Ms. McIntire

Thank you for always being considerate of our time!

2. Stephanie Sims

For always going the extra mile and being flexible!

3. Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson for always being so helpful!

4. Ashley Bagwell

Ms. Bagwell, for always being positive and willing to help with a smile!

5. Linda Skaggs

Ms. Skaggs is always willing to help and be a team player!

6. Martha Williams

Mrs. Williams is always concerned about our students and works hard to help them be successful!

7. Heather Welch

Ms. Welch, thank you for being helpful and flexible during your first round of phonics assessments at PSE!

8. K Team

K team powered through their Phonics assessments. The assessments had some challenges but they used growth mindset and took on the challenge. Way to go!

9. Dr Caldwell

Thank you for going above and beyond your duties! You are PawwwFect!

10. Audrey Dominguez

Thank you for always letting us do PD in your room with your kiddos!

11. Ms. Langdon

Way to get your kids engaged and understanding the importance of being specific and using details in their writing! Your cereal demonstration was awesome!

12. Anne Rakestraw

Thank you for your continued support and help in and outside of the classroom!

13. Ms. Bennett

You are always working to accommodate for and help your kids be the best they can be!

14. Fifth Grade Team

Fifth Grade Team did an awesome job developing a plan that we would use to move our students forward.

15. Dana Mosley

Always being adding the data that we need to move our 5th grade students forward. You are a wealth of knowledge.

16. Lisa Cabrera

Lisa always got the extra mile to help support our 5th grade ELL students. Thank you Lisa for all you do for our students.