Bailee Kelley

What do proteins do?

  • Supply energy to the body
  • Build new cells and repair injured ones
  • Required for structure, function, and regulation of your body's tissues and organs

Too Much or Not Enough?

Signs That You Aren't Eating Enough
  1. Little to no energy
  2. You're muscles are weak
  3. Your body will eat it's own muscles; causing flabbiness
  4. Slow recovery
  5. Thinning of hair and nails
Signs That You're Eating Too Much
  1. Excessive weight gain
  2. Dehydration
  3. Nutritional deficiencies (Unbalanced Meals)
  4. Risk of heart disease
  5. Kidney problems

Top 10 foods that have protein:

  1. Turkey and Chicken Breast
  2. Tuna, Salmon, Halibut (Fish)
  3. Low-fat Mozzarella and Cottage Cheese
  4. Pork Chops
  5. Lean Beef
  6. Tofu
  7. Soy Beans
  8. Eggs
  9. Yogurt, Milk, Soymilk
  10. Nuts and Seeds

Protein Facts

  1. Life couldn't go on without protein
  2. "Protein" is from the Greek word proteios, which means "primary"
  3. Hair is made up of a type of protein called keratin
  4. The life-span of a protein is 2 days
  5. The human body contains 100,000 different types of proteins

Acrostic Poem:

Provides structure to your body

Repairs damaged cells

Often found in meats

There are over 100,000

Even some can't be made by the human body

Intake of 46 grams a day

Never underestimate the importance