Fertilizer and its Negative Effects

Jose Contreras & Chris Powe

Plant Loss and Soil Imbalance

Plants that have a lower nitrogen need end up dying and weeds begin to grow better when excess fertilizer is used. An excess in fertilizer can also cause an insufficient amount of viral minerals like calcium and phosphorus in the soil.

Algae Overgrowth

When the nitrogen levels in rivers and streams increase the fertilizer helps the algae grow a lot more. As the algae dies and decomposes the matter in the water increases. The process uses up the oxygen and causes oxygen levels to drop. Without enough oxygen it could be very DEADLY as fish and other aquatic animals could die.

Water Contamination

Since nitrogen, is a soluble substance, it soaks deeply into the soil after a rainstorm or irrigation reaching ground water. This could be very harmful, especially for babies and toddlers, as it could extremely affect their health.
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