Inside our box!

Aisha Riyazuddin

Our CPU!

We use our CPU's all the time when we are on our computers, they use many different devices which then help us to do things like switch on the computer. CPU means Central Processing Unit, it also has many different hardware's that are inside the CPU, like Hard disk rive, Modem, Video card, Sound card and many more other hardware's. But here are the three main/important hardware's inside our CPU....

Important hardware's in our CPU!

The main three hardware's in our CPU are: the Motherboard, the Power Supply and the CD-ROM. These are the three main important (key) hardware's inside our CPU because they help us, from things like giving power to the CPU to things like giving power to the computer! The purpose of each one is...

Main components in our CPU!

The purpose....

... of the main components!

The motherboard is a circuit board in which many devices are are connected to, this helps by giving power to the RAM/CPU. It mainly helps other components to attract with each other. The CD-ROM (Compact Disk-Read Only Memory) is a CD which helps record (read only) memory onto it, this also helps by taking in information really quickly. Lastly, the Power Supply power into the components that are in the computer.