Sylvia Earle

Underwater Exploration

Five facts about Sylvia Earle!

She was born on August 30 in 1955 in Gibbstown New Jersey. She excelled in school and earned a scholarship to Florida State University. Her first dive was at age 16 using a diving helmet. She earned her master degree at Duke University. In 1989, while four months pregnant she became the first woman scientist to look out though the porthole of a submarine as she divided 100 ft.

Her impact on underwater exploration.

In 1979 Sylvia made her famous underneath walk on the sea floor in a JIM suit!

Three facts that led to her impact.

In 1970 she was learning about the human body in the Tektie 2 with her other roommates. She also studied under water habitats. Earle moved in 1976 to become a research biologist.

Four detailed facts about her impact.

This is a fun link that will take you to national Geographic where I found some of my information!

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Here's a quick fun video of Sylvia Earle

90 seconds with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

And here's a big picture of her exploring the ocean.

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Two fun facts about her!

Sylvia was persistent in 1970 the Tektie 2 project was launched with an all female crew led by Dr. Earle herself. Sylvia and four other women spent two weeks 50 ft underwater!