Publication Announcement!

Disease in Milk: The Remedy Pasteurization Now Available!

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About the Book

Disease in Milk: The Remedy Pasteurization was published by Nathan Straus’ wife Lina Gutherz Straus in 1917. By the time this book was published Nathan had been working for more than twenty years to get communities around the world to accept pasteurization. Lina was at his side, always supporting his efforts to save the lives of babies.

Part of the mission of the Straus Historical Society (Society) is to disseminate information about the Straus family and its accomplishments. Since the inception of the Society in 1990, our publications have enabled more people to learn about the family and about how their lives have impacted the United States and world history. The publication of this new edition of Disease in Milk: The Remedy Pasteurization, with a Supplement containing additional material, is one way we accomplish our mission. This updated edition of Disease in Milk will give the reader a more complete vision of the life’s work of both Nathan and Lina Gutherz Straus.