By Anna Hazelton

The 7th Planet

Uranus is the third biggest planet in the solar system. Uranus is 1,868,039,489 miles from the sun. You can fit 27 Earth moons in Uranus. Uranus has 13 rings. It is four times larger than Earth. One day on Uranus 17.24 hours and 0 minutes. One year on Uranus 84.1 earth years.

Planet Research Information

Uranus was the ancient Greek god of the heavens. Uranus is one of the coldest planets ever! Uranus spins on its side. Saturn and Jupiter are the only planets bigger than Uranus. My planet is very light blue. The chemicals in the air makes it look blue. Uranus has a lot of clouds. Uranus is a sideways planet. It spins like all planets but it spins on its side.

Uranus is awesome!