POHW Before Poster

By Jimmy McSweeney

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes.

I didn't want anyone to see into my soul. Page 5.

2) Where Hollis lives

The Stucco Woman's house

The yellow house: sooty, a long haired woman with braids, no rugs on the stairs, the loud sound of feet going up and down.

Page 4

3) Who lives with Josie

Only Hollis

This is my place

Page 9

4) Hollis' Toughness

In the start of the book Hollis won't show any emotions at all

"You think you're so tough, I'll show you tough."

Page 2

5) Josie's Memory

In the beginning, Josie had a normal memory.

Josie looked back over her shoulder. "Hungry?"

Page 9

6) Hollis' relationship with the Mustard Lady

Hollis hates and is scared of the Mustard Lady.

But soon enough she'd know we weren't home.

Page 86

7) Steven's driving ability

Steven knows a small amount of driving, but has never tried it.

"I know motors. I drive a truck." "Not true"

Page 16