Elvira Cusano

My Great Grandma

The Great Italian Cook

My great-grandma, Elvira Cusano, was known for being an amazing Italian cook. She liked to cook many Italian dishes, but some of her specialties were Manicotti and Eggplant Parmagino. Her family would have a tradition where every Saturday she would cook steak and make homemade French fries to go with it. She also did many other things as a housewife.

Where did she fit in history?

Elvira Cusano was born July 10, 1914 in the Bronx, New York. On that same day, the Boston Red Sox purchased Babe Ruth from the Baltimore Orioles. The day before she was born, the 1st U.S. duplicate auction bridge championship was held in Lake Placid, New York. On November 11th, 1933 she married Michael Cusano. The "Great Black Blizzard" was the first great dust storm in the Great Plains, hit that same day they got married.

What other events did she witness?

There were many important historical events that occurred during Alvera's lifetime, but here are just four. In 1914, the year she was born, World War l started, but the U.S. didnt join the war until 1917. She had also lived through World War ll which lasted from 1939 to 1945. In the year of 1929, a stock market crash occurred in the U.S. And it was the beginning of the Great Depression, which lasted ten years. Finally, in 1941, the year her second child Angela was born, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Elvira's life and death

Born July 10th, 1914, Elvira died June 16th, 1973 at only the age of 59. She had lived in The Bronx, New York most of her life, where she was born and died. She had had 3 kids named Lucille, Angela, and Paul, which 2 of them are still living.

During her life, she had to live through Two World Wars, the Great Depression, and more. She endorsed many positive and negative things such as new inventions and wars. I feel very thankful for what I have today, knowing she went without it.