Pride and Prejudice

By: Erin Durant

Character Analysis over Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth is the second child of five girls. She is very independent, does not really look for a husband. Elizabeth does not want to marry just to get married. She believes that people should be able to marry whenever they want to whoever they want just for social standing and to make sure men carry on their family line.

Elizabeth views herself as independent. She likes to think that she is very out of the ordinary, which she is. Elizabeth is very uncommon. She walked 3 miles to see her sister when she was sick at Mr. Bingley. She reads quite often. She does not really care to take part in gossip. But she does like to giggle and talk about cute boys with her best friends.

Elizabeth changes over the course book by finding that she is very prejudice and she does not really give people a chance to change her first impression of them. Elizabeth does not change on wanting to get married for love. In the end, she opened up her heart to Mr. Darcy. She let herself fall in love and never look back. She dove in head first to love. I personally don’t think Elizabeth would have done that at the beginning of the movie.

To Elizabeth From Darcy

My dearest Elizabeth,

though my actions might not show it

I am in love with you and want you to know it.

You are the girl for me

when you are around I can barely breathe

I love the way you read

I love the way you do not ride a noble stead.

Oh my dearest Elizabeth, I have one question,

will you marry me?

Till the end of thee.

To Darcy From Elizabeth

Though you broke my sisters heart,

though you moved Bingley away.

I cant handled you always running away,

my heart just needs you to stay.

I guess what I am trying to say,

I love you

I want to spend forever making you my love

I just feel like you fit me like a glove.

Wont you be my love?