Growing Learners

Quarterly Updates about Happenings in ECC Young Fives

Exploring through our senses!

This year our throughline for learning at the Early Childhood Center is "How do I use my senses to explore my world?" A throughline is a connecting theme. It ties our learning throughout our days and weeks and to each others classrooms and home together. We have started exploring what our fives senses are and what information we can get from them.

We learn through play, discovery and experiences!

Academic Learning Goals This Fall

We are kind and helpful friends. Social skills we are currently working on are:
  • Learning to be one in a large group setting
  • Being helpful not hurtful
  • Filling others buckets through compliments, kindness and helpful ways
  • Using scripts like "I feel sad when you..." when conflicts arise
  • Taking turns and waiting patiently
  • Classroom routines and norms
  • Identifying feelings

We are readers, writers, and speakers. Literacy skills we are currently working on are:
  • Identifying letters in our names and in our world
  • Recognizing words are made up of letters. We are beginning to find these in our world. This includes identifying environmental print like the Target and McDonald's icons.
  • Making connections to stories we hear with our daily lives and experiences.
  • Learning to write letters and other symbols and to draw pictures to show our thoughts.
  • Speaking in complete sentences and using words to express ourselves instead of non-verbal cues.

We are mathematicians. Mathematical skills we are currently working on are:
  • Identifying basic shapes
  • Sorting objects by identifying attributes
  • Counting objects
  • Numeral recognition 0-10
  • Pattern identification and creation
  • Data collection by creating graphs