3rd Grade Newsletter

Durbin Elementary - Mr. Noel's Class

Final Newsletter

Dear Students & Parents:

This will be our final classroom newsletter. The 2014-15 school year was a great year, I very much enjoyed the opportunity to teach your child.

By my records every student made growth and gains in their learning and this makes me proud knowing that all of our hard work paid off!

Thank you for a great school year and I wish for all families to have a great summer!


Mr. Noel

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Options for Summer Learning

Here are my best recommendations to avoid the summer slide in your academics.

For Reading & Language Arts:

*Read books, magazines, blogs, etc. from a variety of authors. Get involved in the summer reading program at the library.

*Practice IXL.com (the subscription lasts through November of 2015). Try to master all 3rd and 4th grade skills.

*Try a keyboarding program to learn how to type using the home keys.

For Math:

*Learn and master new content areas on the Khan Academy. Your summer goal is to get to 100% in all 3rd & 4th grade skills. Have at some 5th grade content too!

*Practice your math facts using Math Magician for PC or download the Quick Math App. You goal is to become a math magician master or work your way up to "advanced" and "extreme" levels in Quick Math.

NWEA Spring Scores

Please look for an email from me later this week in which I will be sharing your child's spring NWEA scores for math and reading.