Johannes Kelper

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Who he was..

Johannes Kepler was born December 27, 1571, in Weli Ser Stadt in the Holy Roman Empire of German Nationality. Even though Kepler parents were not finantually supportive his evident intelligence helped him get a scholarship into the University of Tubingen. Later he became a mathematics teacher. Kepler was the first to write the defense of Copernican system, the Mysterium Cosmographian. In 1609, Kepler published his first book called "Astronomia Nova" where he explains the orbit of mars and how it was a ellipse. This discovery is now known as Kepler's First 2 Laws of planetary Motion. Then in 1619, he published " Harmonices Mundi", where his " third law" is exposed, and in 1621, the "Epitome Astronomiae" was published. Johannes Kepler died in 1630, in Regensburg.

Johannes Kepler's Accomplishments

Johannes Kepler is most famous for his planetary motion laws. His first law talk about how the planets orbit around the sun. This one is called" The Law of Ellipses". His second law called The law of Equal Areas, which describs the speed at which plaents move while orbiting around the sun. The speed at which plaents move through space changes constantly. Kepler third law, also called " The Law of Harmonies " compares the radius of orbit of a planet to those of other planets. Unlike his first two laws, this law makes a comparison between the motion characteristics of different planets.

The Impact

Johannes Kepler's first law helped a lot in the past. Thanks to the elliptical orbits, this lets us know that planets do not go around a star in a perfect circle. His three laws of planetary motion helped set the foundation for Newton's physics/astronomy work in the future. This also helped understand Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitation.

Johannes Kepler's Three Laws Of Motion

Interesting Facts

  1. Kepler,as a child had smallpox this left him cripple and with a weak vision.
  2. Johannes Kepler discovered the eyeglass for nearsightedness as well as farsightedness.
  3. Kepler invented the Keplerian telescope.
  4. Kepler had five children, but only one boy and girl reached adulthood.
  5. Johannes married Barbara Muehleck in 1597.